Water. Water Everywhere!!

If there is one thing that can be said for unexpected problems, it’s that they always happen at the worst time. Here at The Best Jewelry Place, we just had that really inconvenient and completely random problem.

There is nothing worse than coming in for the day, only to discover that the brand new flooring you’ve installed in your new shop space is covered in water!

Talk about a bad start to the day.

After a quick assessment, we discovered that water was leaking from the wall in our bathroom, and we suspected a broken pipe.

Having recently moved to the Arvada area, we didn’t have a plumber on speed dial, so we did a quick internet search and found Arvada Plumbing Services (http://arvadaplumbingservices.com).

We were excited to see on their website that Arvada Plumbing Services provides emergency plumbing services. We called them, expecting typical “emergency” assistance, that takes two or three days to arrive.

We were excited when their amazing plumber showed up only an hour after our call. The leak in our wall turned out to be a little tiny hole that made a big, big mess.

It turns out that one little nail in our newly renovated shop space had punctured the water line for the toilet. Our awesome plumber told us this happens often, especially with new construction.

He took the time to carefully remove the dry wall, to expose the pipe. Once in the wall, he found the leak, made a quick repair, and even took care of the little nail that caused the problem.

What was especially amazing is that the response and repair were done so quickly, and the Arvada Plumbing Services staff cleaned up their mess and left our bathroom in good condition.

And everyone we spoke with, from the dispatcher to the bookkeeper, were so friendly and easy to work with!

As a small local business, it’s always a good idea to have other local businesses that you can call when you need help. Arvada Plumbing Services will be going on our list! They were so great to work with, and they solved our plumbing problem in a snap!